Friday, July 1, 2011

Writing a Bio

A couple weeks ago Behance’s blog the 99% wrote a post about the death of the resume and rise of the bio. I doubt the resume is dead, but having a bio has become crucial in this digital society. This bio should also be “branded” across your social network sites so that you are identified as the same person and you will seem more sincere if all this information matches. The bio across social media sites, does not have to match word-for-word, but it should be similar.

  1. A Bio should be short. Too often people tend to overwrite a bio. Keep it short, simple, and to the point 
  2. Begin the bio with your name. (example John Doe is the CEO of Apple Computers.)
  3. Include your expertise. Include only skills that would be beneficial to a job/career you are working towards. (example Do NOT include that you are an excellent butt scratcher unless that is what you want one of your duties at the office to be).
  4. (If you are writing this for a resume situation) Relate how your expertise can solve a goal or problem they might be having.
  5. Personality. The reason why cover letters might be going on the wayside is that bio tends to be more personable. Show your personality either through your writing style or mentioning a quirk or hobby. (example Keep in mind to choose quirks or hobby that symbolize you but won't creep out your reader. We do not want to know if you collect dead animals.
  6. WARNING be careful with humor. Humor can be very tricky when written and without context. If your humor is taken incorrectly it could rub your reader the wrong way.
  7. Contact. Include a means of contact in your bio. This will be the quickest way to link between your name and your email, phone, or website. Choose just one means of contact, otherwise your bio becomes a dense jumble of links. Contact should be the conclusion of the bio, never at the beginning.
  8. SPELL CHECK. Always spell check and/or have a friend look it over before you post it online. Sure a bio is short and easy to edit, but it is better to have it correct from the start. Spell check is easy-enough, but it's also easy to forget. I struggle with the spell check button more than I would like. I wish it was more intuitive in Adobe products, as it is in Word.


  1. Question!

    You mention including only skills that would be beneficial toward a job your are working toward. But what if you've applied for several jobs in slightly varied fields?

  2. That is a tricky situation. Use skills that would correlate for multiple jobs, if that that is not possible, you can show personality in your diversity of skills. Limit your self to 2 sentences. It is best not to over do it with information, since a bio should be short.

    If you include a bio on your resume make that particular bio relate to that job, and on sites like Linked In use a more general bio, so that no one feels left out.

  3. Just so I am clear, I meant to say limit yourself to 2 sentences on your skills (not the entire bio). I hope that helped.


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