Friday, July 29, 2011

Pull'n a Paula Deen

Life would be pretty flavorless without butter. Its creamy, when cooked browns food beautiful, and makes cakes scrumptious. Butter, unlike other dairy products, tend to have a plastic style (Land O'Lakes) rather than the vintage country style. I tried to pull more modern or craft tendencies. 

What I love about Pastureland Butter is the Woodblock-like quality that imbues in its illustration. This design was developed by Triangle Park Creative.
Justin's nut butter  has a design that is as trendy as our fondness for nondairy and non-peanut butters. It is beautifully done forever and fits the culture currently. But they will have to update their style when times change.

Clover Farmstead has a beautiful nostalgic feel, but I figure very expensive by the 8oz crock it comes in. but the design is friendly and sweet. I would love to get a taste for this organic butter.

CalonWen Butter is another organic butter product. The design is very simple, but I love the use of craft paper here. Type is modern and a little bit granola. The cow fits with the overall child-like design.
With all of these dairy posts lately my lactose intolerance is flaring up. I think I need to find a new subject to post about.

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