Friday, July 27, 2012

Inspired by Pixelation

I am being inspired by pixelation right now. It has this appealing quality of nostalgia (old graphics from my childhood), color, ambiguity, mystery, technology, and movement/vibrancy. Or maybe that is the idea that many small squares of color and work together to create something more than itself.

Evolution of 8-Bit Art from Off Book
Censorship Towel - I just think this is funny!

Ixxi Art
Ixxi Wall Art

Eric Daigh

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Jacked In or Not?

Recently I took a vacation from work, and there is was the concern of what would happen if an emergency occurred while I was away. My boss calmed herself when she realized that I had a smart phone and could check emails on my phone, but I revved up the anxiety when I explain I do not stay linked in away from the office. Yes, technology has made my life incredibly easy to stay connected, but I know that I don't want it to rule my life. I have never added my work email to my phone. I do not want to hear alerts or deal with the stress of taking work home with me. I already work 8 to 5; I don't need to tack on 5 more hours (that's my time).

Everyone was easily shocked by relaxed notion of being connected 24/7. I pretty much ignore my phone at night unless I am expecting a call. that is the best part of technology I can use it when it is convenient to me, and put it away when I would rather focus on the life going on around me.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Inspired by Vibrancy

I love the shape of ranunculus and the vibrant and vintage-feeling colors of this photo are just beautiful. I have been feeling prone to brilliant colors lately, and I am itching to dye my hair. I just have to be brave enough to commit to colored hair for work. Photo from Sweet.EvenTide

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Avoiding Combustion

Recently I read an article by my former professor (a very talented designer) at KU. Burn-out is a danger for all creatives whether you work for corporation, small business, and freelance (it is probably a little scarier freelance creatives, but not necessarily). Our livelihoods depend on us being creative on command, which is not always possible. His use of honesty with clients and himself is essential to knowing how much work that you can take on at once is essential, but more striking is taking in account that we all need time away from work in order to be creative for work.

I need to work on both of these crucial points. I do not do freelance, but I have trouble telling my boss that I am just too busy to get my work done beautifully. This has made me produce some lack-luster work as of late. I try to counteract that by telling myself I need to work on personal projects at home, but that only results in burn-out. What I really need is time out to enjoy my life around me, because that is what I work so hard for everyday. My wonderful husband, my hyper labs, and my sweet niece are what help me regain focus on what I really want in my life. So cheers to a weekend to focus on my loved ones and giving myself a break!

Design Morsels Dog Walking

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Art of Logo Design

I recently subscribed to OFF BOOK by PBS. It is a great station to check into science, technology, art, and design. Today's clip was very satisfying. Enjoy!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Blank Page

I love looking at a blank page—knowing its potential and the fresh start that it provides every time I pull out a new sheet. I am known for having a piles of "used" paper cluttering my desktop. I tend to keep paper around until I have used both sides of the paper to its fullest potential.

Whether it is a sketch, painting, doodle, or just a lengthy list; the process of filling a blank page is cathartic and stimulates my brain. I can more quickly see a solution and new ideas in the few minutes it takes me to fill a page, and that is refreshing.

So FILL a page today.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Turn It Around

I was at a wedding this weekend for a dear friend met with former classmates and there are always the typical questions: What have you been up to, where do you work, and the dreaded are you working on any interesting projects. This maybe is not a dreaded conversation for most people, but it is for me. One of the biggest jokes in this life with be having to making small talk with a socially awkward person, and to have to answer difficult questions. My husband constantly reminds me that I should be working on interesting side projects. I know I should.

Work for friends or make up a project on my own like back in school. It is difficult to take the time to continue working after hours, but I have recently taken a vacation from work. There has been no design work for 5 days and that maybe just what I needed. Taking a break has created the space I needed to make my life more about what I want rather than being incredibly busy. I am looking forward to creating some work I enjoy and can be proud of.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

New Blogs to Love

I have come across some new blogs that I have enjoyed:

1) The Great Discontent: A blog about contemporary designers and artists. Truly inspiration to read interviews of other designers in the field and what drives them to create.

"Make more. Make as much as possible"
"Don't compare yourself; you're on your own path"

These are just some of the sweet inspiration from the "Team Parris" interview. There are lots of treasures to inspire throughout the site. (and have you noticed that large image based sites are popping up everywhere, that is how you know internet speeds have just gotten so good they can handle the large data)

2) Revival of a Boring House: this blog is written by a former classmate and his wife. I love their little tips for creating a house to a home. It is great to get inspired from others who are trying to livening up a boring home, just like me.

3. What Katie Ate: Not a brand new blog, but I have just found it. Her beautiful photography is one of favorite blogs to go through my RSS feed. Talk about food porn.

Have you been reading anything interesting lately?

Monday, July 2, 2012

Weekend Redo

This weekend I finally accomplished something I have had on my to-do list for awhile. This was my great grandmother's bed-set that she had given to me when she had given to me after she passed away. It was with me most of my childhood, and it has seen better days. (If you look closely you can see all the sticker residue.) My grandmothers was one of those who would one an item re-purposed than traded or hidden away. If it functions for you and makes you happy, that is all that she would want.

Total Make-over: $33
Spray Paint (2-cans): $6
Lace (1.5 ft): $5
Contact Paper: $4
Glass Knobs (6 knobs): $18

Steps to a great new look for your dress: 
  1. Clean Dresser (Alcohol works best)
  2. Fill in any holes with wood filler
  3. Sand (Start with 120 grit and work your way up to 220 // If this is a Formica dresser make sure surface is dull looking after you sand so that paint with adhere to the surface)
  4. Wipe down the dust
  5. Cut and adhere the lace (Use book paste or spray adhesive)
  6. Then spray paint in a clean well-ventilated area. 
  7. Let it dry over night. 
  8. Add knobs. (These are hand cut glass, so you can save money by using knobs that aren't as pricey)