Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Fishy Birthday!

I have many passions and hobbies, and one of them happens to be cake decorating. For my husband's birthday I had to go-all-out. I am not one of those fancy cake decorator's you see on tv, but I do like to learn new techniques and challenge myself. I was so proud of this cake I had to share it with you! He loves to fish so this cake is fishing themed and uses homemade buttercream icing and gum paste. I mixed the colors myself (I love mixing colors, it reminds me of mixing colors for screen printing).

I started with a homemade Strawberry cake
(my husband's favorite),
and iced it in a light blue frosting.
Top of the Cake: A fishing themed cake for his birthday.
Back of the Cake: Loved the color tones
I was able to achieve in the water and
 the hilly piles of buttercream grass.
 The water is food coloring and piping gel. 

Boat: The boat, pole + bobble, and fish were
 made with homemade gum paste.
Full Cake: Grass and water cascade down the sides.

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