Sunday, July 17, 2011

LOVE: Milk Packaging

Perhaps it's my family's Wisconsin roots, but I love dairy products and the packages that contain them. Although I don't like to drink milk, I do like things made with milk and these packages for milk. Dairy products tend to fall into the trend of nostalgia; I think this is due to the attempt to make the dairy brand seem old and have history to it. I find this trend more and more with the move again to milk glass jugs that you return to the store once you have finished your creamy beverage. There are more global brands of dairy that have been moving their milk and milk-like products to a more modern and simplified look.

 Shatto Milk company is from nearby Missouri (near Kansas City), and they new identity and packaging was designed by Sullivan, Higdon, and Sink (SHS). They are a Wichita/Kansas City Based Agency. The milk shines through these crystal clear bottles that are not bogged done with a lot of type and color. Its simple, and its always nice to show off a local-ish design and product.

Nezinscot Farm is a farm in Maine. This package has a whimsical design with a primative/drawn typeface and the informational type becomes the image of the grass theat the cows cosume. Very nice!

Forrest Milk a Japanese Milk Brand. I love the minimalism of this brand. The cows supposedly get to wander free in the forest. Their theory is that this will make happy cows and happy cows make happy milk!


Some modern milk containers from David Fung.

 Schroeder Milk has been redesigned by Capsule from a Bamboo design. Very nice and clean. I like the use of type weight and color to separate between the different fat content of the milk, so that you get the right milk every time.

A self initiated project by Audree Lapierre, a graphic designer in Canada, to show ingredient content large and with informational graphics. It is definitely something different.

 Arla Milk is a global company, but its headquarters are in Denmak. The company wanted to develop higher demand for milk drinkers of young (20ish) Swedish population. "A portable milk bottle that fitted the lifestyle of younger people on the go. In collaboration with PriPac Design & Communication." Very simple and modern. Use of color coding helps you pick the best milk for you.


I end this post with a non dairy milk. I have seen these happy designs smiling at me at the grocery stores, and I keep forgetting how much I love this new look for 8th Continent. Each container has its own color hues that help seperate flavors just as well as a singe color. Each flavor has its own character that is not only on the front of the packaging but is visible on the cap as well, and we know how I feel about caps. This is a very cheerful brand and I can't help smiling back.
Much of this packaging design can be found at a fantastic website to find any and everything about packaging or TheLovelyPackage.

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