Saturday, April 27, 2013

Starting Fresh

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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Color Trends: Mint

With the arrival of spring (kinda), comes spring fashions and color. Very popular this season is MINT. It is everywhere. This color always makes me want to dive into a large bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream.

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Friday, April 5, 2013

Creature from the Deep

Every year Wichita has its Riverfest (used to be in May now it is June) Some year the design is better than others. This year the design is very cute and appealing towards parents with children, which I think is probably the largest audience who attened this social event. The design is cute and well-done, but maybe not quite fitting with a midwest "riverfest". My only complaint is that the facial expression as well as the "boat hat" makes the octopus a little too young.

Considering last year's rooster. This design is more effective and beautiful on soooo many levels: color, theme, style, and all-around fun. I will definitely be buying a button this year!

But the best part of riverfest might be:

Monday, March 4, 2013

Design is Fluid

Graphic Designers are no longer segmented into neat categories of print, web, typography, illustration, ect... Designers today, especially freelance and those who work at a small firm, are called to be more diverse and offer a variety of skill sets. It is impossible to know it all, but we can see some growing trends for young designers

UX: "user experience" This is a growing field for business and designers. It is crucial to understand how users will interact with your site or app to know how best to program and layout the program so that it works with the intended audience. This can help your specialty brand or business to tailor your enterprise directly for the needs of your customers.

Coding: Maybe its because we grew up with computers, but many young designers know at least a bit of code if not expanding their capabilities to create custom sites for themselves and their clients. If you don't know any coding and would like to learn more and are great resources. Of course searching on google can provide you lots of great information on html, css, javascript, php, and any other programming you may need to use to create your next website or app.

Guitar Cards with thermographic printing

Print still leaves and will new technogologies come with new ways to interact with print. Because of technology advancement it can bring the cost of doing specialty effects down. Such as embossing, thermal ink, matte mixed with Aqueous gloss, die-cuts, and more. Obviously I am still a fan of the old techniques, such as letterpress. Most of these technqiues just take one additional pass through the printing press. Print can really do anything you can put your imagine

Friday, March 1, 2013

Make a Deep Impression

It is no secret that I love the tactile experience of letterpress. My dream retirement would be a refurbished vandercook and I cranking out beautiful type and lino-cuts. My LetterMpress app is great, but it is nothing like the real thing.

Created by a Savannah Red Top 
Muhs Home by Passing Notes
By Ray Fenwick
This blog shows the process that went into making this card. I can practically smell the ink through my screen.