Sunday, July 31, 2011

LOVE: Bear River Valley

Design, pro-green, whole grains, and tasty! Bear River Valley offers it all. I fell in love with this brand when I was in the cereal aisle pondering granola bars and turned around and saw the display for Bear River Valley. Nice, clean, simple, and a pleasing color palette attracted me right away. Then I noticed that they use less packaging and supports wind energy, so BONUS! Then you get it home and enjoy some, and finally a product that you can get behind that doesn't taste like cardboard.

Design is simple yet fun with a rounded script and window to see the food product inside. Everything is matte and muted, which adds to the natural-side of this cereal. The names for each product are fun too like "Frosted Tumble Wheats" and "Marshmallow Avalanche". How can you not want to dig into a nice big bowl? The food is good for you to being full of natural ingredients and whole wheat it is a great start to the day or a snack in between.

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