Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Cookie Monster

Mamba Jamba was designed by Meg Eaton who received her B.A. in Communications Design from Syracuse University. She has lots of great designs on her website to check out.

TK Food Wheat cookies by victor branding
Mrs Fields were by HartungKemp or Ideas that Kick. They are the brilliant minds behind Bear River Valley cereal packaging, as well as caribou coffee, and even some Target packaging.

Eat Pastry is a raw and vegan cookie dough that you can bake or it is also same to eat right off the shelf.

Simple Cornish cookies: the packing was create to exude luxury while staying local. All the imagery is local coastal scenes by photographer Charles Roff.

Many of these modern designed cookie packaging come with unique cookie flavors for the modern palette. Manufactures and entrepreneurs are trying to find their place in the market and using design to achieve results in a crowded market.

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