Monday, February 6, 2012

The Student Method

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When I was looking for a job (almost 2 years ago) I heard over and over again that they wanted more experience and that projects in the "real world" did not have the lengthy deadlines that school has. The work place is fast pace and quick turn-around. The work environment could benefit from a little bit of The Student Method. Yes, clients are still going to what that brochure done yesterday, but the additional effort to understand your client and your client's consumers will greatly benefit your work output. Slowing down your research and development process can lead to quicker implementation and a better presentation to the client.

When we began projects in school we began with RESEARCH, no physical design at all. Based on that research we would develop a creative brief that would use synonyms, audience description, creative stories that help describe the brand as it is currently and what it hopes to be. Talking with your client and their customers can help you know what each side is looking for.

Only after this research had been completed were we allowed to move into design and layouts. We were limited to just hand rendering in the initial step to allow for quick layout changes and ideas to flow from our hands. Then once our sketches were approved we could move to the next stage of computer mockups. From mockups these digital pieces began to evolve into completed projects (that were often printed and hand cut and bound). Printing is its own nasty experience, and can still be today. With advancement in technology the ability to have your printout look just like your monitor (and vice versa) is next to impossible.

 Research never stopped and was always continually progressively in each part of the project. With the fast paced environment is difficult to take the time and find out the needs and wants of client as well as their consumer. Design ideas  take time to develop and mature, so for our best work taking time to slow down and do it right will give us the best results.

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