Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Can't Seem to Make Up Their Mind

It is not uncommon to quote a project , meet with the clients to understand their needs, and then continue a develop a design based on the needs they thought they. Clients often change their minds. when you have a client that is changing their mind too often it is time to have the talk.

It is time to meet face-to-face again and discuss what their needs are now, and why they have changed from the first discussion. Was it because you just weren't listening to their needs or do they just not know what they want. At this point it is a good idea to listen, and then help take your client down the right path. Clients who are unsure of what they want may need more hand holding and education to be pointed down the best design path. If you help guide them and give clear examples and reasons for each part of the design the client will feel more comfortable with you and with your designs.

By no means should you belittle or demean the client for being unsure. Helping to either explain design terms or taking them on a step-by-step explanation for why your design looks or functions the way that it does. Design has purpose, so there should be a reasoning behind everything you brought to the design. Some clients need you to share this incite to help convince them that this is the right choice. 

Plus it gives you an opportunity to show off all the work you put into meeting their needs.

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