Monday, February 20, 2012

Kitchen Adventures

Life has been busy with work, home, family, and puppy prep; but I have been making an effort to be more adventurous in my cooking (and budget friendly). I have not taken the time to photograph all my kitchen adventurous. Pinterest has enabled me to explore more recipes and be more daring with food because of the mouth watering photos provided for every recipe.

New foods can also mean epic disasters such as: two failed attempts at orange rolls that are just bread rocks stuck in an orange hard candy goo, pretzel dogs that exploded in my kitchen, and pizza rolls that the dough remained hard and flat. One very important lesson: let yeast bubble—no matter how long it takes. If yeast does not bubble, it does not activate. Your dough will be hard rocks with no flavor.

I have risen from the ashes with some tasty second time pizza rolls that are a perfect appetizer, and the pretzel dogs were tasty even if they left a mess that took 2 hours to clean up.  The sauce for these dogs is delicious I would have it for any mustard dipping sauce. 

Cooking like life can leave you feeling flat and overdone, but we can scrap the bad and try again. Sometimes it takes a night of self pity for my failures, but taking time to myself I can recollect and get my mojo back.

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