Wednesday, February 22, 2012

JCP Goes Bold

You may have noticed JCPenny's new logo and their new approach to retail, beginning February 1. I think this is a wise new direction for this American brand. The logo definitely to speaks to American roots, but in a more modern way. (Clearly an improvement from the last logo redo).  This time was a complete brand transformation for JCPenny, and took more time to plot this brand out.

The look is clean and simple and so is their price strategy. Which is what I appreciate. Everyday low price with monthly specials. You don't have to worry about waiting for a sale. Just buy it if you like it. This new look has been classified as the "apple" look, and we will have to see if this works out as well as it has for Apple. At first I was taken back from this bold look (it literally all seemed set in bold or heavy type and strokes), but when the different brand elements are used with the photography I find myself falling in love with this new brand. It feels right and approachable. A brand is well done when all the pieces correlate in harmony like this.

It will be exciting to see how consumers respond to this new method of retail shopping. 

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