Friday, February 17, 2012

Inspired by Charles and Ray Eames

Recently I watched Eames: The Architect and The Painter, and I remembered my schoolgirl joy of Charles and Ray Eames. (What designer is not!). They were the creative and designer couple to emulate and inspire. They fed and built upon each other to a better self. The perfect form of a relationship. Being the most well-known design duo has only come about with their large body of work (with many design employees that supported them with talented work).

They were only able to reach so much talented work by researching the needs of the people who would use their products and by trusting their natural gut reaction. The bigger companies gave them the ability to use more experimentation and implementation.

"I don't stop to think if I can. I just go as far as I can" - Ray Eames

Each partner brought their own special skills to the project. She was brilliant about color, layout, composition...everything about aesthetic. He was this inquiring brain that wanted to know about people, details, and ideas. Together they had a wonderful skill-set that created beautiful furniture, movies, and so many wonderful things for inspiration. It is said it was more than just working and living together. It was deeper. They relied on one another. Each was essential to a part of the work; they were one.

Their continual curiosity kept them fueled for their work. more than the products and films they created, I have been inspired by their work ethic and their method for approaching a problem.There is so much more work, ideas, and development that has been put into each piece which is why an Eames Chair is still an iconic furniture piece you use today. Everything they developed was not without every detail being analyzed to perfection.

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