Monday, October 10, 2011

Kitchen Adventure #4

The first baozi I had was in San Francisco in China Town. It was part of a delicious dim sum. My addiction was fueled again in Lawrence, Kansas with sha bao from the Plum Tree, but that closed my junior year. I enjoyed my last baozi in China Town in Yokohama, Japan. I have wanted more ever since. I have been amassing cooking gear for awhile: stock pot (typically you would use a wok, but I don't have one) bamboo steamers and since those steamers didn't quite fit any of my pans I bought a steamer ring. The recipe i used can be found at allrecipes. These take a long time due to the rising time, but if you have a vaction day or a weekend free it can a be a good side to dinner. Typically baozi has a meat filling, but I didn't have the ingredients so I just made the steamed buns, and served it with a sweet chili sauce. A tip: if you want the buns to stay white put a little vinegar in the boiling water.

I made 2 dozen, but I snuff these down so fast I have 1 dozen left. yum!

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