Saturday, October 15, 2011

♥♥ Firsts ♥♥

Today is my first anniversary with my husband. This past year has felt like forever, yet has sped right by. We had a lot firsts this past year: first grown-up apartment, first garden, first grown-up job, and ect. One of the most exciting parts of the wedding was that creating a system of designs that were sent out to friends and family. It was one of my first experiences in a semi-professional way. Weddings can be a designer's crack. It's addicting to create all the pieces to the wedding, and it can be hard to stop from designing every single part of the event. Today, I am only thinking of good parts of my wedding: like the simple joy I got from taking the extra effort to make envelope liners for every single one of my invitations that I sent out. Yes, I did like doing that, and I took the extra time to punch out cards for all of my wedding favors, which my husband did not enjoy at all (because I made him help buy punching them out while I tied the tags to the jar). We are both glad that we got to share in the experience of bringing our wedding together, and supporting my crazy ideas.

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  1. Happy, happy, happy anniversary :) The designs you created and carried out BY HAND (gah, crazy) were beautiful. And the mini-hot chocolate jar? Still gets used all the time. For sauces, dressings, whathaveyou--brilliant.

    Hope yesterday was a wonderful day.

    PS -- this is Claire on the wrong Gmail account. Whoops.


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