Friday, October 14, 2011

Halloween Festivity

My coworkers called me crazy for creating this bat garland with--black paper, no. 11 exacto blade, and some thread; but it imbued the office with holiday spirit. The spirit filled my boss, and she began remmuaging around to find her halloween bowl, and went out at lunch to fill it with candy. Which is currently causing a problem with its proximity with my desk.

I was inspired to make this bat garland because of Paper Source. I do not have one locally, so I have to make my own fun. Knowing that I have my "bat cave" to look forward to in the morning makes it that much better when I show up to work.


Have you been inspired to create anything this week?

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  1. This totally made my day. I informed my boss this morning that I will definitely be in costume on the day of Halloween. Hoping others follow suit.


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