Wednesday, December 14, 2011

DIY Gift Tags

I finished up most of my Christmas shopping this weekend, which means it is time for my favorite part of Christmas—wrapping presents! There is a very simple DIY activity that you can do to make unique tags for each of gifts. This project is almost free—you need only 3 items:

  1. Hole Punch: any hole punch is fine this one is from Paper Source and it is a special craft punch I had lying around.

  2. Tag Punch: you could use a scissors or an exacto blade to cut out tags, but I had this special tag cutter from the 200 tags I had to cut for my wedding.

  3. Old Christmas Cards: reuse those cards that you receive every year. These cards can now be reused in a unique and attractive way.

 Just use your punch or cutting tool to cut out any shape you would like. Then right your message on "interior side of the card". This project cost me nothing, and help me use old cards that I saved.

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