Saturday, December 31, 2011

2012 Resolutions

I know that creating a New Year's resolution is cliché, but if it makes me a slightly better person I am all for it! Making a list allows us to strip away our bad habits and develop new good ones. 

  1. One Photo A Day: I want to make photography my priority this year, because without practice I cannot improve myself. By forcing myself to take photos everyday I can develop habits that encourage the ability to be observant and use photo-editing tools.

  2. Exercise: the most cliché resolution of all, but it is a good one. Like many Americans I have a very sedentary lifestyle. I drive 30 minutes to work, sit for 9 hours straight, drive 30 minutes back home, and then sit for the rest of the night in front of my computer. I need to take some time out and be more ACTIVE for my health and well-being.  My goal? Exercise more. I am hoping an easy goal like this will make it easier for me to keep up with it, instead of dropping it a couple weeks later.

  3. Take a Break: I am naturally a hard working and overly stressed person, who finds it difficult to take breaks or slow down. Often times, I find that since my "to do list" isn't complete that I don't have the time or don't deserve giving myself a break. With more research I have read that taking breaks is essential to being a more productive being and happier as well. 

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