Friday, December 9, 2011

Coke Goes White...and Then Back Again!

I was so excited at Thanksgiving to see my Coca Cola can had a white-out, a nice break break from the typical red. It was so striking that I actually checked the went to to find out what is the point of this special can. It turns out I am enjoying it almost too late. Coca Cola just announced that because of the backlash from consumers.

I will truly miss it. It makes Coca Cola feel more special, and it helps draw attention to the melting polar ice caps. I thought it was a smart choice by Coca Cola. A 3 color can has a beautiful simplicity that is very appropriate for the sparse modern style of today. Coca Cola backing down on these eco-friendly principles and going back to boring old red. Consumers fear of change has ruined this beautfiul can for me.

So do you love it or hate? 

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