Friday, September 16, 2011

Want to be Liked?

Facebook is another useful tool for promoting your product and interacting with customers. I unfortunately cannot provide support toward which to use twitter or facebook. I tend to appreciate facebook more for business because it allows the customer to have many options to interact. Sharing pictures and videos, as well as comments and galleries. There are many facebook fan pages that fail, because of how these pages are utilized.

Some fail from lack of use. If you have made the jump to be social, those tools should be used often, at least once a week.

Some become just another advertisement slammed in your face. It is nice to be updated if there is sale going on for your company, but it should not be your only type of post. I think this is extremely common with business that work for other businesses.Particularly for media companies, I think it is a strong temptation to tell all about your clients specialties. For once it is not about them, but about your company. Make it so. A constant sales pitch is not something someone wants to read about. Facebook page is supposed to help you connect with your audience, but sales pitch after sales pitch becomes another forceful feeding of advertising. We are inundated with enough of that in day to day living.

Some focus on only one feature of facebook. I know that when I "like" someone I want to see a variety of content.

If you have a blog. Facebook can be a great way to connect your fans to some unique and in-depth content. Facebook tends to be quick snippets of  updates and events going on, and letting people know about a new blog post is a great way to let them know you have something more substantial to offer. This also can increase traffic to your blog. Not everyone will choose to follow a blog (especially when we follow so many), and posting your blog updates to facebook lets your audience pick and choose what they want to read.

Facebook is an excellent way to let people know about events you are having. It doesn't always have to be through "events" in facebook. Share through photos. Tell us what the employees are up to at the office. Having an office party? Share some fun photos from the event. Dogs come to work day? Share the photos of the pups and their owner.

Keep your voice. Facebook is part of social media. Be professional, but with personality. Let your facebook page be the "voice" of your brand. Most of all be authentic. Patronizing people will only push them away, and potentially loose clients and customers. (Yes, we can tell if you are being fake.)

My favorite brands that embody all of these tips:

Anyone what to share on how to have a successful facebook page or a favorite company?

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