Sunday, September 18, 2011

Slow it Down

Work can get busy and chaotic, and it is easy to get swept up into the motion of it all. When I have the motivation I just want to get it done. I get tunnel vision and start work with increasing speed. At some point the speed doesn't matter, because the work suffers. It is better to take a break, go on a walk, or at least take a deep breath. Relax, and refocus. Going at a slower pace, maybe everything won't get done on time, but it will be done right. From experience getting it done right is what matters more. 

When I had my internship my boss had something posted on the wall behind me:

Good, Fast, and Cheap
(pick two)

 If you want good design for cheap, it won't be fast
If you want good and fast design it won't be cheap
If you want fast and cheap design, it won't be good.

You can only have two. You can not get all three. This reminds me about what I have to do about now. I am trying to have quality design for the low price. I need to take the time to make my designs the best they can be (without over analyzing). When I go at super speed, the details can sweep right by me. Even when you are striving for quality design at high speed, the quality is not as good as it would be for Quality design and taking it slow. Good designs don't always come at the drop of a pin. Design takes thought and planning. I have to work through all the bad parts, before I get to the best option. Even if the best option was the first option, working on more ideas lets me know that I had it right the first time.

Take the time to do your work right, and you won't have the regrets that come with a hasty approach.

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  1. 1) Loving the new photo template.
    2) This is such a great reminder, thank you for the reflection. I am so guilty of this same thing--trying to complete fifty projects at one time, and in turn letting the quality of them suffer. Better to narrow it down to a handful of things and devote full attention to them.


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