Wednesday, September 14, 2011

FREE Mustache Rides

Thanks to hipsters we have a plethora of mustache designs and merchandise available. I wanted to share some of my favorite:
  • Fake Mustaches: from my favorite store the Paper Source. Don't have a mustache? Now you can just stick one on. These are fun to mess around with our friends will funny staches to match your mood.
  • this site is dedicated entirely to various mugs that use different mustaches to decorate these simple mugs.
  • Sweet 'Stache: a book showing you different staches distinguish the face.
  • Candy Molds that resemble the well-liked bushy mustache style.

From Cheri's Bakery
     Have you you seen any ridiculous mustache memorabilia? Please share your favorite. Perhaps I should buy some of this gear for myself to show future generations what we had to give.

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    1. This is just too funny. They all scream Hipster, but you're really making me miss Cheri's. The candy molds are pretty clever as well.


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