Monday, September 12, 2011

Unfamiliar Territory

Graphic Design often dances together with marketing, but it is a different beast altogether. Like, design it is a skill-set that never ceases to change. Requiring one to endeavor continuously to adapt to media, market, and most importantly people! I have often thought of continuing my education at school to learn more about marketing, since it is so closely related to the work that I do. Marketing is still a part of every person who wants employment. We become our own product to market. I have never taken any class in marketing, and only have suggestions based on what I have experienced.

Being an introverted person it works against my nature to market, but every person has it within themselves skills that make them unique and there is not point hiding them. To make these skills easier to find on the webs there are few courses you can take to ensure more people are finding you, you business, or your product.

  • META TAGS: You have probably heard it before about the importance of meta code: the "invisible" part of code that helps search engines pick up your important keywords and descriptions. This code goes in the <head> tag.
  •  TELL GOOGLE: This will add your site to a Google crawl list. It can help google to find you more often.
  • LINKS: You are socially active across the web, so make all your sites connect back to one another.
  •  UNIQUE TITLES: When you name each of your webpages make sure to name each page distinctively to help search edges find you.
  • SITE MAP: Most hosting companies can provide this for you. This lets search engines filter through your pages more quickly.
    None of these are guaranteed top spots or success, but a way to enhance your online promotions. I also recommend that you post a favicon (the little photo next to your domain in the browser. This looks more professional, and shows that you think of all the details. If you have any pointers to please share with a comment below.

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