Saturday, September 3, 2011

Cake Pops

A couple weeks ago I finally jumped on the cake pop bandwagon. My husband dislikes most sweets, particularly my favorite cake/cupcakes. I keep trying to make the cake pieces smaller and smaller. I began with a typical round 8/9 inch, but I would be lucky if a single slice got eaten. I then moved to cupcakes (my favorite). They would be eaten, just not quickly enough. I try to make small batches, but even when I half a recipe it was always have more than we can enjoy. Cake pops were the perfect solution.

Tablespoon bits of cake covered in white chocolate. I can still decorate them in crazy ways, and they come in any flavor I desire. My first pops weren't quite so lovely, but I have great goals with these examples to aspire to:

Too bad sprinkles are so expensive, but now I have some recipes to make my own sprinkles.

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