Thursday, September 1, 2011

My Book List: Design

I am always looking for good for suggestions for books, particularly for design. I wanted to provide some suggestions for good books for designers or aspiring designers to read:

  • The Mac is NOT a Typewriter by Robin Williams | This is a great book about using proper typographer on your computer (not just for mac users, but of course all the short-cut macros are for mac only.
  • Zag and/or Brand Gap both by Marty Neumeier | These books focus on the marketing side of graphic design. Marketing is not just about selling stuff, but an idea.
  • Stylepedia by Steven Heller and Louise Hill | A excellent collection of design throughout history and globally. A great way to be inspired.

If you have any great suggestions. I am always looking for a new design book to soak up!


  1. "The Mac is Not a Typewriter" and "Stylepedia" definitely caught my eye. Not too surprisingly, one of my professors used a book by Stephen Heller as our course textbook. He's a little dry but incorporates a lot of interesting historical tidbits.

  2. "The Mac is Not a Typewrite" is a must read. It really is useful for knowing how to interact with type. I was thrilled when I had to buy that book for class. Best money I ever spent, and as college books go: it's cheap!


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