Thursday, August 4, 2011

Something Wicked This Way Comes

For me it is never too early to start thinking about Halloween. With the recent Harry Potter bonanza I think I want to make my Halloween Harry Potter themed. A party is the mood, decor, and of course the food! Using orange paper lanterns with painted faces create the feeling of the floating jack o' lanterns of a Hogwarts Halloween. And strings of paper bats to float along the ceiling. With some construction paper I can have a festive apartment. A various spread of "potion jars" only add to the effect. I try to collect interesting jars when I can, but I need to create some interesting labels for my potion jars.

For the food pumpkin soup or some English foods to give that Hogwarts feel: such as Sheppard's pie. I am interested to try Butter Beer, not sure how warm butterscotch soda will taste like. I do love this Harry Potter Bento. Since Halloween is on a Monday, maybe I should make a lunch like this. 

Halloween is a holiday that is about the candy and desserts. Whether is pumpkin pasties, licorice wands, chocolate frogs, Bertie Botts (or just a mix of jelly beans), and cake pops in the shape of pumpkins and cauldrons.

Do you have any plans for Halloween?
Here are some links to find Harry Potter or Halloween party ideas:


  1. I. Love. Halloween. No plans yet, except eating a lot of candy and putting pumpkin in everything.

    If you find a good butter beer recipe, please pass it along!

    This was my go-to Halloween dish last year:

  2. Yeah I will definitely have to do some tests on the butter beer. That looks likes a great recipe for pumpkin soup. Smitten kitchen is always a wise choice. I am excited that the fall will come, and with fall comes a variety of squash soups!


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