Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Goals: A Formal Announcement

Not too long ago I answered a question posed by GeneralOverachiever about managing creativity. I talked some big talk, but very little commitment. Lists and sketchbooks help me define my goals, but I have discovered that they to not inspire me to complete the work I have set out to do.  I am more prone to do something if I inform others of my goals. The thought that others could hold me accountable, makes it easier to force myself do it. I believe all of these goals will help me to be a better designer, employee, blogger, and person. 



YEARLY:  Go or do one thing out of the norm or at least out of WICHITA.

BI-ANNUALLY: Update my website (at a minimum)

MONTHLY:  Have a food adventure in the kitchen.

WEEKLY:  Create an illustration every week. Whether simple or small I need to create something for myself every week.

EVERY TWO DAYS: Continue to post every other day, or sometimes more often!

DAILY:  Do something active and engaging every day.

CONSTANT VIGILANCE: I want to constantly observe and engage in typography around me, and particularly the typography I use and create.

Let's check back in one year and see if I have accomplished my goals! Do you have any goals you are hoping to attain in the near future?


  1. I will hold you to the yearly goal. Seeing a new place is my favorite form of exploration.

    And if you're looking for out-of-the-norm things to see, Atlas Obscura might be a good place to start: Love this site.

    Good "reality check" post. Makes me feel like I should get off my ass and get creative.

  2. That looks like a great situation. Saying it is easier said then done. With only weekends for exploration it can be hard to find variation. Hopefully this site will help me find some easy weekend trips. Thanks!


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