Monday, August 22, 2011

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I have another type specimen to drool over. In general an ampersand is a beautiful character, but I wanted to share my favorite one of all. This is the Adobe Caslon Italic ampersand. Obviously this was named after its founder: William Caslon. This is another serif typeface, but unlike the Baskerville Q, this is an Old Style typeface. The thicks and thins of the strokes are not as prominent. This typeface was named after its founder: William Caslon.  The first printing of the Declaration of Independence was set in Caslon.

The ampersand has a long history in how it came to being. It originally was "et", which is visible in this letterform. The ampersand continually transformed into the figure it is today, but being an older typeface you can still some of its early roots. If you have a favorite ampersand please share I can always look at more of this elegant letterform.

If you want to learn more about Adobe Caslon, check out these links:

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