Monday, July 9, 2012

Turn It Around

I was at a wedding this weekend for a dear friend met with former classmates and there are always the typical questions: What have you been up to, where do you work, and the dreaded are you working on any interesting projects. This maybe is not a dreaded conversation for most people, but it is for me. One of the biggest jokes in this life with be having to making small talk with a socially awkward person, and to have to answer difficult questions. My husband constantly reminds me that I should be working on interesting side projects. I know I should.

Work for friends or make up a project on my own like back in school. It is difficult to take the time to continue working after hours, but I have recently taken a vacation from work. There has been no design work for 5 days and that maybe just what I needed. Taking a break has created the space I needed to make my life more about what I want rather than being incredibly busy. I am looking forward to creating some work I enjoy and can be proud of.

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