Wednesday, July 4, 2012

New Blogs to Love

I have come across some new blogs that I have enjoyed:

1) The Great Discontent: A blog about contemporary designers and artists. Truly inspiration to read interviews of other designers in the field and what drives them to create.

"Make more. Make as much as possible"
"Don't compare yourself; you're on your own path"

These are just some of the sweet inspiration from the "Team Parris" interview. There are lots of treasures to inspire throughout the site. (and have you noticed that large image based sites are popping up everywhere, that is how you know internet speeds have just gotten so good they can handle the large data)

2) Revival of a Boring House: this blog is written by a former classmate and his wife. I love their little tips for creating a house to a home. It is great to get inspired from others who are trying to livening up a boring home, just like me.

3. What Katie Ate: Not a brand new blog, but I have just found it. Her beautiful photography is one of favorite blogs to go through my RSS feed. Talk about food porn.

Have you been reading anything interesting lately?

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