Saturday, July 21, 2012

Avoiding Combustion

Recently I read an article by my former professor (a very talented designer) at KU. Burn-out is a danger for all creatives whether you work for corporation, small business, and freelance (it is probably a little scarier freelance creatives, but not necessarily). Our livelihoods depend on us being creative on command, which is not always possible. His use of honesty with clients and himself is essential to knowing how much work that you can take on at once is essential, but more striking is taking in account that we all need time away from work in order to be creative for work.

I need to work on both of these crucial points. I do not do freelance, but I have trouble telling my boss that I am just too busy to get my work done beautifully. This has made me produce some lack-luster work as of late. I try to counteract that by telling myself I need to work on personal projects at home, but that only results in burn-out. What I really need is time out to enjoy my life around me, because that is what I work so hard for everyday. My wonderful husband, my hyper labs, and my sweet niece are what help me regain focus on what I really want in my life. So cheers to a weekend to focus on my loved ones and giving myself a break!

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