Friday, April 6, 2012

Staying Motivated

Staying Motivated, this a great article about staying motivated. I find myself motivated and creative at work, and since I have moved to my new home all I do when I get home is vegetate. Reading this article helped me understand why. 

"Build a creative den. Whether it’s your desk area, a dark cave, a hotel room, or a home office, you need a place specifically set aside to be creative in. Once you’ve decided on that place, use it like the dickens. Each creative success you have in that location will train your mind to be creative within its boundaries. When I set foot inside my office, something clicks on in my brain, and I’m ready to work. Sure, it took about six months to turn into a den—but trust me, it’s time and effort well spent."

While I have more space, in fact I have one room that is my office, but I have been unable to make it a creative den. Through habit, my brain goes into auto mode and cruises on Netflix and Youtube; because that is all I have ever been able to accomplish in that room. My creative ideas make it onto scraps of paper on my desk at work, but flutter away by the time I reach my desk at home. It will take work and effort to retrain my brain to be creative at home as well..and maybe less of a dumping ground.

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