Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hubert's Lemonade

It is probably no secret that I would buy objects just to collect the packaging. It is just fascinating to me to keep a physical reminder of designs  and interesting packing. This package hording has expanded its disease to my husband he come home from work on a warm day with a bottle of lemonade and said he had to buy it just because he knew I would like it (he liked it too but it is easier to blame me for this condition)

Hurbert's Lemonade. The lemonade is natural and tasty, and they invested in interesting to design to help you engage with their product. The cute lemon design is also given the extra detail of texture. Modern printing techniques have given designers and printers the ability to add texture and depth to our print designs, but most companies do not want to invest the extra cost to add this physical stimulation. Any fruit that is printed on the bottle is given the additional texture, emphasizing that the fruit and flavor is essential to this brand.

This company also embraced typography that is fitting to a nostalgic lemonade stand. Some will be offended by the use Helvetica as the simple accompaniment. I think it is a nice break from the exuberant energy of the "lemonade stand" font. The package is completed by the simple glass bottle with the clear labels letting the lemonade to show through.

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