Monday, April 30, 2012

Email, Facebook, Blogs, and Twitter...Oh My!

As I mentioned before with a new shift in my company, which means taking on more responsibility. I have recently obtained a twitter account, so that I know more about this medium that I am supposed to help my clients navigate. Webinars, blogs, and seminars can only help me go so far. I have to delve into these murky waters myself to help my clients to the fullest potential.

With so many social medias that we log into everyday it is difficult to manage them all in a personal matter. It is a more difficult animal to deal with for companies. More important than maintaining so many medias and connecting with customers it is essential to first have a brand. A brand is a living thing, and that is why your brand needs to reach out to your current client base through email, facebook, twitter, and ect. This is why branding is essential because all of these medias are elective, meaning that your customers allow you to access them in this way. Even with this access, your information is seen by less than 20% of your elective customers. Social media allows you to approach your customer in his or her favorite medium, and allows them to interact back with you/brand.

This is why social media consultants is becoming a full time job at many companies. I am not an expert by any means, but I working hard to help my clients have a new type of conversation with their customers.

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