Friday, April 13, 2012


Working a big project at work that means I am not only spending 8 to 5 in the office, but I working hard when I get home as well. I have also been struggling with a serious bout of creative block. Working in the fast pace advertising business has forced me to put aside my school development process that we went through with EVERY SINGLE project. the other night as I as struggling to come up with a design worthwhile I vented to my husband, and in return asked to see my process book. 

"I haven't made a  process book since college."

"Well  maybe that's your problem"

Reaching back into my school mind frame helped me move along in my design process, so I thought I would share my design stages:
  1.   Research: It is the most important project (If you can get the time, because it is also the most time consuming part of any projects).
  2. Create a Design brief: Based on your research create a brief on what the project is and what the deliverables should be, as well as information about the company/person, their audience/clients, and their brand image or if they even have one. Having this design brief helps you during the design process to go back and make sure you are staying on track for the type of consumer/client you are designing for and if you are meeting their needs. But if you skew the Creative brief the wrong direction it can send the whole design off on a different tangent.
  3. Process: Sketch whether on a computer or with your hands start making marks, and a lot of them. It can take a lot of initial bad ideas to create something that truly meets everyone needs.
  4. Refine: Take your best ideas and refine them, and keep looking back to your creative brief. and do not neglect the type (it often comes as an afterthought, but the type is just as important as the imagery).
Process book with a  Instagram-like effects
The process book captures all of this data and during school would be compiled in a neat binder with page it is the few scraps of paper that I made some doodles on.

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