Friday, April 27, 2012

Burnt Out

bûrnt out: To cause to undergo combustion.
With all work, and no play I have burnt out. My passion for design was strong and kept me motivated everyday to be creative in every part of my life. Constant fast paced, repetitive work begins to drive a nail into ambition and creative talent. Clawing my way out of burn out will be difficult, especially with no break in site.

My coworkers have been telling me it is essential to take vacations. It is due as part of my salary, but it is difficult for me to take it. With downsizing at work it will become even more difficult to have the courage to request vacation, let alone be able to get time off. It is clear that I need a break, and it is essential not only personally but for my professional work as well. All I can do is hope for some inspiration to flutter before me.


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  2. My coworker/dear friend and I were just discussing the need for a BREAK from time to time. As people who habitually give 100% at work, we agreed that it's nervewracking to imagine taking a day or two away from the office to just breathe, but that it's also undeniably necessary. If you don't take fifteen minutes to sharpen the saw, the blade just gets duller and duller.


  3. Thanks. I am not allowed any vacation for a little while, but hopefully I can find sometime down the road to see some return for my hardwork with a nice break.


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