Monday, November 28, 2011


It's cool and kind of fun! Not in the eating disorder kind of way, but in the event of when you are moving and deciding what stays and what goes. I always feel really good after I let something go that has been burdening me for a long time. When the stuff begins to relieve the clutter in my home there is more space and room to breathe. Purging is great with junk food and carb filled cabinets, overfilled "storage" spaces, "friends" lists, hard drives, and you guess it design!

Sometimes due to our clients' demands or our own faults, design and layouts become cluttered and overworked. Once you start removing the extraneous "fluff", designers have more space to stand out and become more modern and sophisticated. Helping clients and ourselves see that will a little room that their/our message can really stand apart (loud and clear!)

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