Saturday, November 12, 2011

Students' Creativity

I follow quite a few design blogs, and I am constantly surprised how often student work is prsented. Often these design are more attractive than working professionals.

Why is that?

Are students just better at keeping their work updated? Perhaps it's the tough market that makes students aware that they need to get work constantly up-to-date to fight for a job. Those of us lucky enough to be employed might be willing to stay in the same firm or agency with the unsteady market. And since we aren't cramming into the market, there doesn't seem a need to keep up a website with time and money.

I think it is more likely that as a student we were given a lot of opportunities thay we didnt realize that would be so helpful to our body work. So while you're still a student:

1) Use your teacher's in class, but also in their office hours. You are paying these people to help you be the best you can be. Take advantage of it now, because your bosses our art directors don't have the time to give you that one on one advice on type, style, and tips. You are the one now who is being paid.

2) Use your time wisely. Typical project in school was due every four or five weeks. Now I occasionally get a couple weeks, other times I have to meet an immediate turn around. I hardly gave the chance to sketch out my layouts or develop a clear design idea. I just have to run with it, and hope for the best.

3) Enjoy the freedom and experiment. In the real world you are constantly beibg art directed eother by a boss or a client. In school you have the great opportunity to create whatever you want. This is a great chance to experience different mediums. They can give you a great new idea or texture to your designs.

4) Take the advantage of working with your fellow students. I work at a small agency where client work is divided between me and the other designer. There is no chance for collaboration. I never realized how important my fellow classmates were for developing my designs and pushing me to be better.
There are great things about my life now that beat school (such as: not taking my work home with me, printing and cutting at all hours of the night, and being completely broke). Even with all of that, I still miss school and wish I could go back and take another class.

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