Monday, June 20, 2011


Nostalgia design comes and goes, but right now it is popular and for good reason. Nostalgia is meant to bring up fond memories and connect your audience with their past or a sense of belonging. Antique, vintage, and retro can call to find different parts of our past even if we did not live through them. Perhaps the reintroduction of the barrel lamp reminds you of something your grandparent had and you feel a connected sense of warmth.

This is popular in graphic design has well. Throw back designs are everywhere today I spotted a throw back design for 7up, which was very 80s in style. Perhaps this the packaging teams way of connecting with the 80s fashions that have come back in trend.

Old can be new again. The Nostalgia movement has also brought back the craft movement. Which has encouraged some designs to "cheat" to make things look hand printed with subtle variations of tone and texture. I think this is a fun look, and I hope it sticks around awhile, and it brings back the true artist and craftsman.

If you are interested in designs of the past check out Vintage Me Oh My!

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