Sunday, June 12, 2011

Always a Student

Life often requires that we be constant learners, but as a graphic designer I seek out knowledge. "Knowledge is Power" I guess all those cheesy movies i was forced to watch as a child has fully brainwashed me. I crave learning, whether it is learning new techniques, new coding, or subjects completely separated from graphic design.

The internet is a quick easy source to develop further knowledge on almost any subject. I learn best by doing myself, so i can read as much as I want, I do not fully comprehend the words until I delve into it with my own hands.

With all of this being said, I plan on starting a section focused on tutorials or educational posts. If you have any subjects you wish to discuss or projects you wish to learn please leave me a comment. Not only can this be a helpful contribution to the design community, but more selfishly it will help me practice and learn useful skills. I am excited for this new endeavor.

In the meantime here are some good sites if you want to learn something new:

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