Monday, June 6, 2011

Fluid Color

I have been watching a lot of anime recently. I obviously I love the story line and characters, but I find myself paying more and more attention to the background. Often it is water colored and the beautiful tones that the paint makes with the water is just something I cannot recreate. My grandmother has only begun her painting career in my lifetime and this year alone has had her first solo exhibition and been in several galleries. Watercolor illustrations can be a beautiful way to ad color and a sense of fluidity to a design. I am not much of an illustrator; I only dabble. But at my grandmother did not start until her 50s, and look at her now. She is proof that it is never to let to start a new career, and love what you do.

Continually to broadening your skills is essential, particularly in this market. The more you are personally capable of is attractive to a potential employer or client; just make sure it is your best work of course. Often in this age skills are thought of as computer competency, but skills off the computer are just as important. But more about that on another day.

I think I will try to add some watercolor to my work, probably my personal work, even it is as simple as background. That mysterious gradation of color will add a look that I have never had before. What is important for consideration is to make the painting to fit the concept of the work, not the design fit the painting. 

The Little monsters were my attempt at watercolor characters for Halloween.

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