Friday, May 27, 2011

Tasty Wedding Favors

Wedding season is upon us (3 recent weddings have already come and gone for me and 5 more to come this summer). So I have just been keeping my out on things that I am loving about this wedding season. Edible Favors! Favors can be a pain that your guests don’t want to have nick knack around their house, well edible favors can be a change for your guests to take with them some of the feeling of your wedding day, while not being a permanent fixture in their homes. 

Edible gifts don’t have to be the same old tulle wrapped package of after dinner mints or colored m&ms. These favors can extenuate your wedding day with color, patterns, or replications of your dress or wedding cake.  A very simple way of helping your favor to feel like the rest of your wedding is using stationary. Using stickers, tags, or labels is an easy way to make it fit in with the rest of your wedding. Use similar typography that you used for your wedding invitation, and same paper stock if you can.

I did this for my own wedding. My husband and I love hot cocoa so we made our own mix and poured it into miniature bottles, and then tied tags to them with the invitation paper and coloring, as well as using sparkling ribbons that matched the centerpieces. Favors can be a simple way to show your guests how much you appreciate their presence at the wedding. Favors can often be a nuisance to some guests, which is perhaps why I have not received a favor at any of the weddings I have been at so far.

With scrapbooking becoming increasingly popular there are many cutters and other tools to help you achieve a custom look with little effort, or at least less effort and smaller cost than using a printer to die-cut or using an exacto to cut each piece out. Cutting using the tools is less difficult as long as you use a paper that is not too thick. I used 200 lb paper, so the scrapbooking tool was not meant for something so thick, but for cardstock of 80-110 lb. Keep that in mind when you are choosing paper and tools for customization.

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