Monday, May 16, 2011

Emotional Wine

While looking at Lippincott Branding Agency I found this fun brand: wine that loves. I do not drink wine, but I enjoy the concept of this brand. It has simple wine pairings for each wine, and a fun graphic to guide you to the best pairing choices. The illustrations are simple, yet clearly define what your wine choice should be for your meal. Each illustration is limited to two colors (one of the being the bottle) and the red color is the brands identifying heart. The third color is the part of the branding color that helps define that type of wine, so whether you want to use the illustration or color you can quickly pick the right one. The organic shape of the thought bubble is a modern and whimsical approach, that fits the user-friendly feel of this brand. I have not visited this wine in a store, yet, but if I were ever in need of hosting a dinner party I would reach for this first. Wine pairings have always been a challenge (from what I understand from tv and friends), and this just simplifies the whole ordeal.

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