Friday, May 13, 2011

Dealing with the Demons

Porn is a big industry in this country, heck this world. Forbes says the porn industry does $10 to $14 billion dollars each year. Now it can be scary to admit it but FOOD porn. I can’t help looking through glossy cookbooks and drooling over the decadent desserts, sassy soups, salivating sandwiches, audacious appetizers, and so on…

Food photography is a growing field, but it is be taken over by freelance and your everyday blogger. Some of my favorite blogs, that appeal to my secret fetish, are: , ,  ,  and a place that allows me to just stare at images (if I choose) or

Gourmet food is really the industry pushing the food porn industry. Gourmet has taken leaps in bounds with the development of the food network and the cooking channel. Taking this food for the wealthy to become plebian that anyone can and should take gourmet into his or her own homes. In response blogs have blossomed with abundant photographs of sizzling skillets and scrumptious desserts.

Food and designers have often gone hand-in-hand. Cookbooks need skilled organizers to separate the information in a pleasant and logical way, therefore designers make a clear choice. Food photography draws in designers because food can be a very designed thing: making sure you have a “colorful” salad, texture, or they way the sauce appears on a plate. Pretty much food can combine everything that we, as designers love. Plus, food just tastes good.

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