Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Popping Design

Strolling through Target, in some painfully high-heals, a bag flashed in the corner of my eye and turn. Target never seems to fail for some new design that I stop and stair at; usually this is something from the Target brand. This time it was something called Pop Chips. Interesting brand and an interesting design, sometimes those things are intermingled, but not every time.

Pop Chips are in this dark yet bright (like a neon light) bag with clean, fun typography. Making this the perfect snack for a light night snack. On the plus side they are actually better for you than the typical potato chip. All natural chips, that aren’t fried nor are they baked. They have their brand’s credo right on their website, you don’t need to question what this brand is about:

“we, the snackers of the world, raising our right hands out of the chip bag, do solemnly swear to engage in more recreational eating; to throw more popcorn in the air to catch in our mouths; to double-dip into the onion dip as necessary; and to spoil our dinners on a regular basis.”

It is easy to see their attitude and their audience. They are trying to appeal to a new audience of young aware adults. I would say they target is probably 18-35. These people are aware of the bad junk inside of other snack products, and want to choose something healthier for themselves, but have not resigned themselves to lack luster diet products.

Their logo incorporates its brand (as it should), and is clean and holds nothing back. The variety of type size as well as the two “dots” emphasize that this brand is fun (and popping!) All of their type is lowercase, emphasizing the “friendly personality” of this brand. A little texture gives the bag designs some depth. Color-coding makes it easy to pick your favorite flavor every time!

All information and photos were used from the pop chips website.
Check them out.

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