Wednesday, May 18, 2011

It's a Jungle Out There

Need to make an impact? These guerrilla marketers make it happen. I love the work done by CURB. They claim themselves to be the natural media company, and with many of their tactics there is little impact on the environment compared to traditional methods, but there is a massive impact on the audience’s relationship with this marketing technique. They inject these designs into a public space, forcing the everyday person to interact with your marketing idea. 

Marketing like this seems like the new way to grab the public’s attention, but if it is not well planned out marketing like this could be devastating to a company. (Think about the music boxes in the newspaper stands, people thought they were bombs and were calling bomb threats in all over the city, what a nightmare!) One big issue with marketing like this is to make sure you have all the legalities taken care of. It would be disappointing to spend so much money on marketing and implementation to get slapped with a huge fine. With these designs being “environmental,” we need to consider the impact on the environment. That is what I liked so much about the sea life marketing. CURB used seawater to temporarily create advertisement for an aquarium (also very fitting for the company they were marketing for). Seawater evaporates more slowly than water, but will eventually disappear so there is little impact on environment, no legal forms, and a big impact on the community (especially with the use of scuba men as the taggers)

Another design that made me laugh, because it made me look twice at the surroundings was Hewlett Packard use of paper “holes.” A way to promote HP papers and inks it shows a realistic hole so that the environment surrounding the hole looks fake. It is not only great marketing ploy because it makes you want to inspect more closely, but it forces the viewer to look at the surrounding environment as well. This makes me want to do some guerilla marketing of my own. I wonder when my opportunity will arise.

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