Monday, March 26, 2012

Be Square

Social media is making an impact on how we design and how our future logos and identities will look. Most social platforms have  adopted the square image (for years) as your profile image overall and as the signature image when you leave a post. Adapting to this need designers and companies are looking to make logos less horizontal and more likely to fit in a square or circular shape. Even when the full logo is long (horizontally) usually there is a snippet that can become the company's main logo/identity.
All of these logos are creative of Meghan Hageman
Going forward I think designers need to account for this "profile stamp" and companies will be requesting it so that they can maintain their identity across platforms. Having a square logo not only helps you interact on social media, but on your own website as well. Ever notice the little icon to the left of your website address in the browser? This image is also a square used to identify your company. It is typically a simplified version of the logo since it is so small and complex gradients and colors are hard to reproduce in that size.
Not only do we as designers need to keep squares in mind, but your client's needs across different platforms and mediums. Companies are looking for full color flashy logo for websites and business cards, and  a simplified version of one or two color for applications, such as the little on icon to the left of your website address. People still send faxes and/or will need a black and white document printed so a simple black logo will be necessary as well.

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