Friday, March 23, 2012

Busy is Good

Busy can be a good thing, especially that it translate to work and work means money, but without taking time to nuture our networks it could mean future money lost. Even when we are expecitionally busy at owrk or at home it is important to keep online portfolios and professional sites up-to-date. Potential employers or clients can see wheather you can keep pace.

Networking person-to-person is still essential in promoting and gathering new business, but most professionals use online tools to help network in less awkward situations: blogs, LinkedIn,personal website, and other sites particular to your job field [for designers this means behance, dribble, cargocollective, krop, and others.] These sites also enable users to list jobs or actively search out jobs for hire.

Keeping updated at least keeps you showing up in recent activity feeds. Your image or logo will pop-up with these notification which helps keep you in-mind. Yes it can take time out of a busy schedule to update, but it should help you keep a constant traffic so that you do not have huge lulls in work because you neglected your online network.

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