Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Warm and Cyan, Muted Filters, and Nostalgia

Lingering like the smoke of hooka "hip" photography has been utilizing warm muted palettes. Photographers and photo editors are trying to hit us at our most basic human emotion "nostalgia" all the warm fuzzy feelings of the past are projected to current trends.  Partly due to hipster fashion stores such as Urban Outfitters, appealing to the techy 20-year-old take s a backward step in time. Photography, fashion, and electronics are going back cir. 1970s for a perceived counter-cultural  style. But it is these persons who are inspiring current design trends.

Photographers have responded to this audience by provide images that feel more like film photography. Colors of the 70s of golden hues, cyan, and burnt umber are prevalent, as well as the use of grunge textures to give the image a sense of age. Instagram thrives on a series of nostalgia filters and trying to counteract its digital nature with film-like qualities. Should this trend continue to linger or does it need an exhaust fan?

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