Monday, January 23, 2012

Spray Paint is Magic

The trans-formative power of spray paint can turn rusted stair railings to primed and flat black in seconds, and can take any dime-store trinket from lame to stylish. I have relied on spray for years to help change up accessories with my favorite colors. I want to get more involved changing items around my house that currently were just gifts taking up space to unique home accessories (or maybe hitting up flea markets with friends to find a best buy).  Spray paint is easy to buy at craft stores, which often have 40% off coupons. So spray paint is a cheap and quick way to re-purpose old materials.

For beautifully painted pieces keep this in mind:
  1. Always spray outside or in a spray booth
  2. Make sure it the object is clean, and free of grease and dirt (otherwise paint won't stick well)
  3. Spray in smooth, even movements (back and both).
  4. Let it dry between coats or it will drip.

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